Fit Friday: New Years Resolutions and Goal Setting

Hey guys, Rose here.  This is my first post in almost a week and a bit belated since I was bogged down yesterday, but this is the first ever “Fit Friday” post I’ve had the chance to actually pen.  Just to tell you guys what this theme is about, since it’s the first offering I’ve had on the blog, “Fit Friday” will usually encompass posts about health and wellness aspects.  Sometimes it will be reviews on health/wellness/self-help books, sometimes it will be on a topic of interest in the body, mind, health spectrum, among other things.  This one is a bit off the cuff since I’m getting around to talking about goal setting and linking it to my own New Years Resolutions.  This is encompassing of some health dimensions on one measure, but mostly this is probably the one Fit Friday entry that will also be personal in terms of my own narrative.

So I know there have already been many people – whether it may have been before the new year or a bit after that have made their goals of what they want to do for 2013.   It may be professionally related, it may have to do with aspects of one’s health, it may be simply stepping stones for what you want to do with family, friends, or personal goals that may not necessarily have a easy category they fit with.   Some people are like me and just getting into the flow of the new year and then making their resolutions a bit belated.  For me, I knew I had to wait to get a bit into the New Year before deciding exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do these things.  I think whatever might be your process for making goals – in terms of when you do it or how you do it – tailoring it to your needs and what you want to accomplish in the long run is important.  Creating a path to stick with it is key as well. 

Goal setting should be a practice where it allows you the flexibility to not only challenge yourself, but challenge yourself in a way that’s reasonable to the things you want to accomplish, specific, yet able to be tailored (i.e. flexible) to different dimensions, whether it’s to your time, your energy, or external factors that might interfere.

So I guess the first set of hypothetical questions I’ll ask to you – how many of you make New Year’s goals, and how many times are you successful at accomplishing them?  What goals have you made for this year?  How do you propose to accomplish them?  How do you keep track of them?

In the health/fitness spectrum of things – goal setting can be as broad based as saying “I want to lose X amount of pounds in X amount of weeks” or “I want to have enough energy to play a favorite past time sport.”  A lot of the goals that people make as New Year’s Resolutions that I’ve seen tend to be broad based goals, and while that’s good, specific goals that are broken down from those larger goals are important to make too.

The question that those smaller specific goals are answering boil down to this: “How are you going to accomplish that larger goal?”  “What steps are you going to take to accomplish it?”

Some things to keep in mind when you’re setting goals for this year:

  • Make the big goals as well as “bite-sized goals” alongside them:  In other words, when you’re making a big goal, set smaller goals to kind of detail how you’re going to go about the process of doing them.  That way, you’re more likely to accomplish it if you’re able to check off accomplishing those smaller goals as a part of the bigger picture.  It’s like an artist who does a sketch of certain parts of a picture and then filling the details in as they go along to make the complete work.  Not only does setting those bite-sized goals make you more likely to accomplish what you’re going for, it increases your confidence and ability to actually get them done.
  • Make sure you write your goals and track your progress in writing:  This helps so much you would not believe.  Some people may be tempted to think “Ah, I can keep this in my head, I know what I’m going to do,” but writing things down is a good way to help yourself make a commitment to what you want to do.  Plus if your mind is already cluttered with 50 billion other thoughts or commitments  it is likely that you may be overwhelmed with other things that may take higher priority or necessitate immediate action.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself:  If you miss an aspect of a goal you’re trying to seek and don’t make it the first time around, you can always make up for it.  It’s no reason to throw the towel in.  The good thing about goal setting is that you are able to readjust if you need to and still reach the bigger picture you see for yourself in terms of accomplishment.  The key isn’t necessarily to set new goals for the big picture, but rather new smaller goals and see what works better in the process of reaching that bigger goal.

These are mental pointers I adhere to personally when making and shaping goals for myself.  Albeit, I’m coming into making this post after having such a busy week that I hadn’t had time for reading or writing my usual entries. It went to some other things like my work, my writing, etc.   But I wanted to share with you guys some of the goals that I’m making for myself this year.  Some of them you have already seen.

Case in point:

  • I wrote a blog post in December outlining several things (which I’m just getting back to).  Those are pretty much in effect – blogging everyday or every other day and sticking to my theme days, writing reviews on Amazon in addition to my other venues (though I’m still not exactly sure how I’m going to work that, but I’ll keep you guys posted), and also revamping a system where I receive requests via the blog address.  Still a work in progress, but I’ve been trying to shop what my options are on those and what I can do with them.
  • One of the goals I really want to do for this particular year is get back to making tutorial videos for LSBXE.  You guys have been very kind to leave messages on my channel and on the videos and I thank all of you for them.  I don’t always have time to respond to each question individually. If you have specific troubleshooting questions, you’re welcome to ask me, PM on Youtube might be the best way of reaching me or by my blog address (Rosepetalsw at gmail dot com, for spam protection.)  I can’t always guarantee quick answers if they’re posted as comments on the videos themselves, because some of them I’m just seeing even now as I write this post, so I should be addressing those as I can do so (Sorry for the delay!) I have several videos to post that are quick tips as well as a revamp of some videos I had on Chapter View as well as more indepth examinations of some of the modes of LSBXE, including Chapter Mode, Dossier Mode, among other dimensions of what you can use those for.  I think part of it was thinking about what projects I wanted to showcase for those specific modes because I use LSBXE for my active WIPs (one of which I’ve been working non stop on for the past several weeks) in my spare time.  I think what I’m going to do with featuring those videos is have them as a part of Writer Wednesday, so I’ll be both posting them on Youtube as well as linking them on the blog.  My goal is probably to make the videos either Friday or Saturday of a given week and then have it up and ready by Wednesday of the next week.  So probably my first LSBXE tutorial of the new year won’t be up this Wednesday, but the following week:  January 30th, 2013, for those keeping track. If you guys have questions, you should be able to reach me both via YT and the blog in that spectrum.
  • I have two projects I want to self publish this year.  One of them you guys probably found out about during NaNo last year when I was talking about a YA South American dystopian novel I was working on, set in Argentina (it took many hours of watching informational videos, library searches, research, inquiries, among other things – and even then I still feel like I want to add more to this novel, but it’s writing itself – I’m averaging 3K a day in new adds and edits with it).  The other was mentioned quite a while back when I was talking about revamped fairy tales and working on a series where I took nursery rhymes and reimagined them as teen protagonists in a paranormal spectrum.  I’m not telling you too much about those projects until they’re finished (though if you’re part of my crit communities, you already know about them), but I will say I’m very excited about them and once the stages of those fall into place, I’m more than happy to share with you guys the process and what those are about.  So that’s certainly something I want to do this year.
  • I want to get back to critiquing/beta reading.  I’ve been absent from my story critique communities for way too long now.  I’m in the process of trying to see whether I want to go for premium membership for those communities or if I just want to do kind of the basic spectrum of things for a while before I hop back on that.  I’ve been doing more writing than critting lately, so my focus has been more on getting my WIPs finished than workshopping other’s works, but I’m more than happy to do that this year.  I can make the time.
  • I want to write more reviews on other media, in addition to books.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any other reviews than book reviewing, and I’m fine with that because it’s the medium that’s been easiest for me to pick up as of late.  But I’m a part of (Rosepetals1984 – I’m pretty easy to find there), Spotify, among other music services, so it’s easier for me to access music and for albums I buy and stream this year, I’ll make a highlight of those.  I still listen to a lot of Japanese and Korean music as well, so jumping into reviewing those will be something I can do as well – just depends on how my time runs and what I can access.  Anime reviews – I’m not sure how that’ll work because I’m only averaging watching one or two new series every 3 months, if that at all.  I have a huge backlog, and I haven’t been able to be active on some of the communities I’m a part of in that spectrum because of ceding to other things.  So I’m not sure what’s going to happen with that, but I’ll keep you posted.

Those are just a few things I’ve been thinking about in terms of goals and specific parts of those goals.  I think the main thing in this is being able to manage your time and do what feels right for you, whether it’s in your work,  health, hobbies, or whatever dimension of your life you want to focus on.  The important thing is to keep yourself motivated, accomplish what you set out to do, and be at your best.

Stay well,



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