Review: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian (Lux, #1)Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Initial reaction: I’m actually very much torn on what to rate this novel. I think for the most part the person who made this novel for me was Katy. She has a great personality, fiesty, funny and provided more than a few laugh out loud moments for me in the duration of this story. Daemon I’m sort of hot and cold on (though not as much as his apparent personality!) I’m more of a bonafide sapiosexual (attracted by intelligence), so Daemon didn’t really do that much for me. Most of the time I wanted to kick him in the rear and call it a day, especially in the moments where he made Katy cry. But if there’s something to be said, his chemistry with Katy was sound and actually quite fun and sweet in some moments. I liked watching them both develop along this story and I certainly want to see where Armentrout takes this series.

Full review:

Oddly enough, I have The Birthday Massacre’s “Need” stuck in my head as I’m writing this review. Take of that what you will. Honestly I think it’s a perfect song reflecting Katy and Daemon’s relationship in strides.

I was pleasantly surprised by “Obsidian” for the most part, though not for the reason that I’ve seen some of my friends gush over this novel. Katy’s kind of my heroine and made the novel for me with her witty voice, personality, and identity as a book blogger (which made me want to do a virtual fist bump with her). If she were a real character, I’ve no doubt we would be friends. I laughed in several moments at her reflections on things and consider her quite cool.

Katy’s goes through a bit of a rough spell in the first part of this novel because she’s moving into a new town with her mother and adjusting in the aftermath of her father’s death. Yet things quickly become complicated when she meets the twins that live quite close to her. Including one named Daemon Black.

Daemon Black. He’s…to put words to him, he’s quite a character, and by that I can see how he is divisive. You can like him and just as well hate him to the bone. I’m honestly conflicted about what to say about him because on one hand he’s a bonafide jerk of the highest order, especially in moments of this he’s immensely cruel in his commentary and attitude toward Katy, even to the point where he makes her cry (and she nearly gets hit by a car in a Twilight-like scenario). On the other measure of things, he has moments of true, natural connection with Katy and remorse. Their chemistry is genuinely worth watching, particularly as the novel goes on. Initially I was kind of thinking “Ehh”, particularly when he was at his worst moments and there were times when Katy gushed over him where I really couldn’t back it in mind, but he really grew on me as the novel moved forward. I would still consider myself “hot and cold” with respect to him. Daemon can be funny, but I think his strength is playing off Katy’s humor and those were the moments that made me laugh in this. I actually loved his sister, Dee, not just for her interactions with Katy and Daemon, but just in general how she strives to seek a connection. Her relationship with Katy is one I really liked seeing in the duration of the novel.

The plotline is probably your standard paranormal troupe where you have the new girl who notices that the guy “isn’t like other guys”, they hate each other’s guts, but when said secret is revealed, many interesting factors come into the mix and Katy has a chance to not only show her wit, but also show off ninja skills (okay, maybe not, but there’s a moment where she steps up to the plate and Daemon compares her to a ninja. That was a pretty sweet scene, particularly in the aftermath.) Yet, I think Armentrout makes it work with not only a fresh voice but a natural cadence that made this novel not only poke fun at certain paranormal troupes (Twilight gets a few shots taken to it in here, despite some similarities), but also create a story that has some parts that make it stand out in interesting ways. It’s one that I was surprisingly engaged in despite the familiar elements, and I’m curious to see where the author takes this in her future novels. I’ll certainly be following Katy and Daemon for in the long haul, and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

Overall score: 3/5

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