Just Another Cover Lover #1: Hot Off the ARC Press 6-6-13

Hey guys, Rose here.

Whoa.  I just realized this is the very first “Just Another Cover Lover” post I’ve done on this blog (How many months has it been since I started my theme day string?  I can’t remember. >______<)

I need to mentally tell myself to get it together. Akane-san would not be happy with me (shown here giving Ranma a good smack on the head.) Image credit: somewhere on Tumblr, I wish I knew, but this is from the anime series Ranma 1/2.

Here’s what “Just Another Cover Lover” encompasses.  Every week, or every other week on Thursdays, I’ll feature a post that showcases covers that I love for ARCs I’ve been approved for, books I’ve personally bought that I love the covers for, or it’ll match a certain theme or genre that I have for the given week.  There may be times when I’ll explain my choices, reflect on the books themselves in terms of content with cover, reflect on books I’m excited to read alongside author, or otherwise just let you peruse the pretty for yourselves. 😛

This week is a compilation of ten ARCs that have caught my eye that I should be reading as soon as I can work through my massive stack. Reviews may come soon or later depending on the release date (some of them I may have already reviewed, but they’re in the queue.)  Some reflection to follow after the covers.  You can click on them to get full view.  You’ll find that the vast majority of them are high resolution  images.  I usually get them from various places and if they’re within a certain dimension, I’ll put them as a spotlight post when I write the review for them.  Usually the spotlight posts are the banner review you often see on the main page of the blog.  I actually really like that feature of this particular layout for my blog, but I digress.

Here are the respective books, in no particular order:


As for the book list, they’ll follow the listing of title, author, genre, and then reflection if applicable.  Let’s cover the covers. 😛

1. Firefly Hollow by T.L. Haddix (Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance): I’m actually really looking forward to reading this one soon;  it was recommended to me on Goodreads by a few friends who told me to grab it on NetGalley while I had the chance.  Beautiful colors and a fantastical mood to the setting prominent focal point. I kinda wish I could get lost in the realm just from looking at it.  Beautiful typesetting as well.

2. Outcast by Adrienne Kress (Young Adult/Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance):  I loved this cover from the first time I saw it in my various reading circles, and after reading a few reviews, I knew I had to check it out for the content as well.  Beautiful silhouette, cool colors, nice sparkle accents and typesetting.  It sort of reminds me what I liked about Sarah Rees Brennan’s cover for “Unspoken” when I read it quite some time ago.

3. Hidden by Marianne Curley (Young Adult/Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance):  This cover had me at the feathers, and I figured it’d have to do with angels just from the mood and the type of feathers featured on the cover.  Nice contrast of the dark cover with the blue of the lettering.

4. If He Had Been With Me by Laura Nowlin (Young Adult/Realistic Fiction/Tough Subjects/Romance): I’ve been interested in reading this book for a long time, and I’m actually going to read it very soon, probably within the next week.  Beautiful model and mood set in the cover, conveys a sense of loss and honesty with the open palms.  I loved the cover and I do hope I love the story.

5. Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles (Young Adult/Realistic Fiction/Romance/Sports):  Would you believe I still haven’t read “Perfect Chemistry”?  >___<  Yeah, I know, shame on me, but I was very excited to get this ARC from NetGalley.  I like the image of the couple over the field, sets the tone, mood, and the thematic of the story very well.  Plus, I have a soft spot for sports related stories.

6. One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker (New Adult/College/Romance): I’ve already read this book, and the review will be posted on the blog next week, but if there’s one thing that I have to give K.A. Tucker’s books, they have absolutely beautiful covers and this was PERFECT for the tone of the novel.  I love the college campus feel on this, the colors, and the lettering.  I also pictured the protagonist appearing somewhat like the character on the cover.

7. Ghost Time by Courtney Eldridge (Young Adult/Paranormal/Fantasy): Beautiful, whimsical cover for this.  I wasn’t expecting to pick up this ARC ahead of time, but it caught my eye and I was intrigued by the blurb.  I’m loving the dark colors and the way the model’s hair sweeps outward.

8.  A Study in Silks by Emma Jane Holloway (Adult/Mystery/Steampunk/Fantasy): This  sounds like it’ll be an awesome read in addition to the beautiful, classic colors of the cover.  Love the steampunk feel and the pose of the model.

9. Ink by Amanda Sun (Young Adult/Cultural/Romance/Realistic Fiction):  Ink really was one of my most anticipated reads of this year and the manga style of the cover is beautifully illustrated, giving it an authentic feel for the subject of the novel.  I’ve always been interested in Japanese culture, for quite some time actually, and I’m looking forward to seeing what angle this gives to it.

10. Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones (Adult/Erotic Romance/Suspense):  I actually like all of the covers so far in this series, though I think this is my personal favorite because of the blue (favorite color perk 😛 ).  I’m reading this at present and am actually liking it even more than the first book.  Both reviews for “If I Were You” and “Being Me” should be up by next week.

Until next entry, I hope you enjoyed this brief snippet of what’s next on my reading palette. 🙂




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