Review: Another 365 Days by K.E. Payne

Another 365 DaysAnother 365 Days by K.E. Payne

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy Another 365 Days as much as I would’ve liked, and not even on the same level as a previous read that I read from K.E. Payne, “”. The story is one of a teen named Clem who keeps track of her life in the form of several journal entries over a year, navigating from telling her family and friends that she’s a lesbian to juggling her relationships and life in general. The entries themselves feel authentic, and there were times when I saw a spark in Clem’s narrative, but sadly, I don’t think I ever got to know that many characters in this work, even with it being a second book in a series. They didn’t feel as fleshed out other than for what the story put them to be. Clem is also very self-absorbed and dismissive, which makes it difficult to connect to her character and I didn’t like the slut shaming/bitch slamming dialogue that went about in this. Her journal’s honest, and the account realistic, but the narrative just didn’t click with me very well on the level of the characterizations and overarching plot. I wish I could say it was more memorable, because I like Payne’s distinctive voice with the character and narrative, but not the way it was carried here. Still, I’m apt to read more of Payne’s work in the future, because I think she does have the capacity to tell a compelling narrative, it just wasn’t offered here.

Overall score: 2/5

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Bold Strokes Books.

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