15-Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 1: Book Confessions

So this is a rather interesting challenge that I decided to take up (a few days belated than what I planned, but I figure that I can catch up, people seem to be taking it on various days, and I just discovered it.)  This particular challenge is courtesy of goodbooksandgoodwine.com, a series of questions over the course of 15 days: Take a look for yourselves!




So basically I’m going to attempt all of these over the stretch of the next 15 days (so it will be a little into next month). If you want to read some of the other bloggers who have answered this challenge, you can read a few of them here.  Starting with today’s challenge: Book related confessions.  No particular order to these, just random stuff.

1. I’ll admit I have “vocal crushes” on the narrators I listen to for audiobooks.  Sometimes it makes all the difference to have a good narrator for the audiobooks read, but the more I do it, the more I realize there are certain narrators that I can’t get enough of – male and female.  Some of you already know who you are – that is the extent of my confession. 😉  (Though I’ll admit I’m still waiting for Matt Bomer to do another audio reading.  I don’t care what book it is, sign me up – his voice is love.  Even if James Patterson’s “Toys” wasn’t my cuppa.)

2. I will put a book down sometimes, but I always manage to find a way to pick it back up.  Always.  The longest time I went with a book on hold was…what, over 10 years?  I stopped reading Lois Duncan’s “Daughters of Eve” – and it wasn’t by my choice (My mother said I was too young to read it and took it back to the library).  Picked it up within the last year and finished the book.  It wasn’t my cuppa, but it felt good to finish it after all that time.  I think I’m a book completionist at heart, no matter the experience.

3. I’m a bonafide “shadow reader.”  Meaning I often read books that I don’t put on my Goodreads shelves or tell anyone about until after I finish reading them.  It’s not that I’m ashamed of reading those books, it’s more like I’ll pick up another book while I’m supposed to be reading the ones on my shelf or from the library or for ARCs.  >.< So I can read about five/six books at a time.  Usually no more than seven, otherwise I get overwhelmed.

4. My reading experiences sometimes seep into my dreams.  I don’t know if that’s a surprising confession, but sometimes, when I’m reading a very good book, it will find its way into my dreams and I’ll either dream in a character’s perspective point, or I’ll watch a scene back like a movie reel.  I think that’s usually a sign of a good book, when it doesn’t leave me or it gives me things to think about past the pages I’ve read.  I think the last book that I had that kind of experience with was the YA fantasy “Vessel” by Sarah Beth Durst – which I personally loved.  I still need to write a review for it though. XD

5.  I often bring out more books from the library than I return.  I’ve told several stories to friends and fellow bloggers that I’m the tiny person that goes into my library and will end up taking back 5-10 books, but end up checking out 15 that same visit.  It’s maddening I tell you, mad. =P

6. Don’t usually judge a book by its cover, but I sometimes make exceptions.  I’ll admit I picked up Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux series because the cover models are too cute together.  I’m still making my way through the series and enjoying them.   I could name about a hundred other examples (on the note of Sarah Beth Durst’s “Vessel” – that’s one of my all-time favorite covers ever for YA books and I ended up buying the hardcover from my uni’s bookstore for it), but yes, I can be seduced by a good cover or good cover models.  Just not all the time.  I usually go by the back blurb, title, and genre when I pick up a book.

7.  On the note of covers, pet peeve: covers that have nothing to do with the book’s content.  I usually love  a book with a great cover and great premise, but if the cover doesn’t have anything to do symbolically or thematically with the book, or the models don’t match, I’ll admit I get antsy.  Personal thing.

8.  I buy books in different languages.  This is true.  I went into my undergraduate uni library one time during my sophomore year and picked up Julia Alvarez’s “In the Time of the Butteflies” in its Spanish edition because I couldn’t find the English one.  I know Spanish quite well (though I’m rusty).  I’ve also bought Japanese editions of manga I’ve loved (I know very little Japanese, enough to use basic phrases, but I’ve been actively working on it.)

But I’ve also picked up/bought books written in German when I…don’t know German.  (I consider it a great incentive to learn, however.)  In my defense, these were books that I thought had really interesting plotlines from what friends, family, colleagues, classmates have told me.  Or they had beautiful editions that I couldn’t help but pick up.

9. Ebooks or Hard Copies?  Both, dude, both.  I fly through my e-copies of books that I read for ARCs as well as the books I buy, but I will never, ever, ever get tired of going to the library or going into a bookstore and picking up a book for myself. Love the smell of a new or old book, love the feel of it in my hands, love turning the pages and savoring it by the light at my bedside or desk.  I like both.  I think there’s usefulness in having both.

10. I read and write fanfiction.  I don’t think that’s a surprise to anyone who’s been in my circles.  I personally write for general audiences.  I’ve read in a variety of ones though, and usually they’re more comedic and in tandem with the original series they’re based from.  Weirdest fanfic crossover I’ve ever read?  I can’t recall the title – it’s been too many years, but Gummi Bears (the Disney series), Hellsing, and Trigun – among other series references – in the same darned story.  Those were the main three though,  I’m not kidding.  To this day I haven’t been able to find that story again, but it was funny. How would something like that work, you think? Yeah…I don’t even know how it did.  I still don’t know.  But I laughed very, very much. )

11. I pick up physical ARC books from my sister’s stack.  Because she doesn’t always have the time to read, and she has about 60 books piled on her shelf.  She doesn’t really care if I do.  Of that stack, I think she’s read 3-4.  I’ve read….*counts* – about 10 so far and am trying to work my way through.  She’s had them a while.

12.  The most books I’ve read in a year was probably about 430 something, I think.  That was back when I was in middle school.  I was a reading ninja who spent some of my recesses in the library.  My librarians and Principal/Assistant Principals didn’t mind at all (they were cool like that).

13.  The oldest bookmark I own is nearly 25 years old.  And still intact.  It’s a handmade Navajo cloth bookmark that I still use in books I read today.

14.  I always come up with song references that I think capture the theme of a book I read.  This is a weird thing that you guys have probably seen in some of my reviews, but if I’ve read a book, my mind will almost always defer to a song I know that captures a part of, or the whole, of that book.  I usually try to make mention of these in my reviews when they come up, but it’s fun to sort of have a book playlist to follow.  I’ll admit I’m always curious to see what music – if it applies – an author writes to when they pen a book.

15.  I have over 300 ARC books in my reading queue.   Yeah.  I think that’s a good stopping point and good note to end on, because I’m going back to reading.  =P

Cheers all, and Happy Reading!



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