15 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 3: Blogger BFFs

Yay!  I made it to Day 3! Whoo-hoo!  Twelve more days to go in the challenge.  So this next entry in goodbooksandgoodwine’s Blogger Challenge calls for naming my Blogger BFFs.  Man, this is hard, because I feel like if I name people, there’s going to be someone who feels left out and that would make me sad.  If you want to see some of the answers to this particular question on other blogs, see this post.


What I’ll do for this challenge is highlight some of the bloggers and their blogs I follow on a regular basis, and just briefly note what I love about them.  Just because you’re not listed here doesn’t mean we aren’t BFFs (or potential BFFs, mind you), but I’m kind of doing this off the top of my head.  No particular order.

First, The Book Lantern, holy crud.  I think on many levels we’re quite like-minded on a number of different subjects – with respect to books, media, and beyond.  The expansions they write are full of intelligent food for thought, whether it’s on book reviews, current controversies in the literary spectrum, chapter-by-chapter summaries and other expansions.  I love reading their contributions and quite a few of them I’m either friended with or follow through Goodreads.

Second, I have to give a shout out to the ladies at Great Imaginations.  Kara and Lyn are both friends of mine on Goodreads and I read their reviews, thoughts, and expansions quite regularly.  I always look forward to reading their recommendations, and quite many of those I end up enjoying and naming as favorites.  I still remember Kara gushing over Kristen Hubbard’s “Wanderlove” and it was awesome to share that experience with her (because I sincerely book gushed over that too, haha!)   And Lyn I remember meeting first when she had a Face-Your-Manga avatar and sharing a love for Kingdom Hearts (which admittedly I’m replaying the second one, slowly but surely.) It’s also interesting to see what they choose for favorite lists in general in addition to books.  Definitely one of my go-to blogs to see fun and just generally awesome posts. I’ve popped my head in once or twice to say hi, but I need to be better about de-lurking.  =)

The ladies at Book Brats never fail to make me smile and I frequently pop my head over there to see what topics for discussion they have on their plate, not just in the way of reviews, but also for their icebreaker prompts, helpful tips, and food for thought.

I have to give special recognition to Wendy Darling at The Midnight Garden, and Emily May and Brandi at The Book Geek.  With respect to Wendy Darling, she was one of the first to comment to me on my Goodreads profile and just really motivated me to connect more with the site and encouraged me along as I started posting more reviews.   I wasn’t always active on the community, but she always made me feel like a part of it – whether it was commenting on my reviews or responding to my posts.  I always appreciate Emily May’s thoughtful  expansions, and Brandi’s such a sweetheart – I love reading their thoughts and contributions in general.  (Not to mention, The Book Geek website is gorgeous.)

In general, I consider my Blogger BFFs those mentioned above, among many,  including those I link to in the Recommended links on my sidebar.  I still have so many to add (and this post is alerting me that I’m in dire need of updating.)  Just know that to those of you I interact with, whether it’s here on the blog, Goodreads, Twitter, or other sites beyond that, I appreciate all that you do, and I’m humbled to be in your company.

Until next entry,




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