15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 4 – Mighty Morphin Book Throwing Time

Hey guys, Rose here for another post in the Book Blogger challenge created by goodbooksandgoodwine.  I’m just going to hop right into this, because I know I’m going to be absolutely dastardly on this topic. Mwhahaha…oh dear.

On a serious note, if you any of you want to see what others have said on this particular topic, feel free to follow the link here.


So Day 4 of this challenge calls for me to answer the ever present question in the book blogging life: what was the last book you flung across the room?

Honestly, I’ve never actually thrown a book before.  No matter how bad a book, I usually treat my physical books with good condition.  Many books I’ve read several times and bought on my own are in pristine condition – no marks, no scratches, no folded edges.  Used books are a different story, but I keep them as well as I can manage.

Mentally speaking, you can say I’ve wanted to throw quite many books.  But I’ll give you the last book I’ve wanted to mentally throw a million ways to something, and oddly enough, I just finished it *technically* today. (I’m making this post in the wee hours of the morning.)



“A Terrible Love” by Marata Eros.  Seriously, this is one of the worst books I’ve picked up as of late.  Why are abusive male love interests made to be championed as desirable?  Why are scenarios of sexual harassment and rape glorified?  Why is it that someone going through pain needs to be healed with the power of love?  Pretty much everything in this novel, alongside the convoluted and inconsistent writing style, rubbed me the wrong way.  I have a review I’ll post on the blog in the coming week for this, but you wouldn’t think such a problematic novel would be wrapped in such a pretty cover.

Then again, quite many pretty covers have been used to cover the quality of the work in the books I’ve picked up as of late.  It saddens me that this is being touted as a “mature romance” when really it couldn’t be further from the truth and follows pretty much every New Adult cliche you could think of, just in an erotic suspense/thriller coat.

And what makes it worse – it’s got a companion novel told in the hero’s perspective.  I finished reading that and well – it wasn’t good either sadly.  I received them both as ARCs and figured I’d tackle both.  But I can’t say that I liked anything about the novels themselves – characters, plot, progression, none of those things.

I think I’m going to reward myself now with a book I will love – I hope.

Until next entry,




    • I figured someone would like that, haha. I use the phrase sometimes when I’m talking to my sister about books I mentally want to throw across the room. I think one thing led to another in the conversation (which somehow included a mention of Power Rangers), and I’ve used the phrase ever since.

      And LOL, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone putting books in a freezer. 🙂


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