Hey guys, Rose here.  I’m a little belated in posting this reflection, but it should come up on time as far as the challenge question is concerned for today.  So it’s Day 5 in this Book Blogger Challenge by Good Books and Good Wine.  If you want to know what other people have responded with respect to today’s challenge question – see this post.  That said, on with today’s prompt.


So I’m tasked today with recommending a tearjerker for a book.  That’s a difficult one, because there are quite a handful I could mention.  I don’t cry over a lot of books, and usually the ones that do reduce me to tears are ones that left an indelible impression on me, even over years time.  I’ll take a recent read to recommend:

Teeth cover

Hannah Moskowitz’s “Teeth”.   I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning twice to read this book.  And got choked up many a time while reading it.  Beautiful characterizations, fluid prose, and really tough situations to read through.  While the book is humored well in many places, and the relationship between Rudy and Teeth is interesting to watch, it does not come across lightly.  It’s a dark fairy tale and I’ll wholeheartedly admit it broke me into pieces in the aftermath.  I read “Teeth” as an ARC from Edelweiss late last year and bought it this past year just to be able to savor the prose and read the story all over again.   Highly recommended.

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