15-Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 7 – My Blogging Quirks

Day 7 of Good Books and Good Wine’s 15-Day Book Blogger Challenge Begins, at least in my area of the blogosphere.  I’m going to jump right into this today, because this is a unique question that I’ll admit I haven’t thought much about, and it’s setting my mental wheels in motion.  If you want to see how others have answered this question, check out this post.



Today’s entry asks me about my individual blogging quirks.  It’s probably better if I do this in bullet form because it’s easier for me to spell out.  I had to really think about today’s prompt a while, because I didn’t think I had any particular quirks that stood out, but when I looked at my evolving methodology towards posting and blogging in general,  I realized there are quite a few quirks that I have that stand out from others.  So here we go:

  • I used to post reviews as soon as I finished with them on the blog, but later, I discovered the joys of scheduling my posts on WordPress.  Now I’m usually 1-2 weeks ahead when I’m posting reviews, and it’s done wonders to help my reading schedule and have a review up at least every day, or every other day.  My only problem now is finding the time to keep a rhythm for my theme days, which I love doing, but I’m still finding my feet with posting them on a regular schedule.
  • I tend to listen to music while I’m working on a post for the blog.  Not so much when I’m working on a book review (though sometimes songs will pop into my head if it suits a thematic for a book), but in general when I’m posting an entry like this one, because it takes a while.  I’m listening to T.M. Revolution’s “Web of Night,” “Invoke,” and “Pied Piper” as I’m writing this. 😛  My music taste is all over the place, but I find my most listened genres for penning blog posts are either J-pop/rock, something from my top 100 list on Itunes, or a random Spotify playlist.
  • I second guess myself frequently if I write a short review for a book.  Most of the time, my reviews tend to be moderate sized, but every now and again – I’ll write a very expanded review (positive, negative, or somewhere between), and then turn around and write a short review for another.  It’s dependent on the book itself, mostly, but for my shorter reviews, I always wonder “Did I talk about it enough?  Should I add something more?”
  • I use parenthetical expressions quite a bit when writing reviews and expansions.  (How many can you count in this post? ;))
  • I blog much better at night/early hours of the morning.  Like it’s a bit after midnight when I’m penning this post (but it will probably go up a bit later based on the scheduling measure).

That’s just a few of my quirks I wanted to share.  Until next entry, happy reading/writing and stay well all!



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