15-Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 9 and Day 10 – Choosing and Blogging About Books

Hey guys, Rose here.  I’m a bit behind schedule on the Blogger Challenge as I missed a day, but I’m going to make up for lost time by upping two days in one post so I can be caught up for tomorrow’s entry.  This challenge is hosted by Good Books and Good Wine.



I think both of these questions go hand in hand, so it’s just as well that I answer them both in the same post.

For Day 9’s entry, it asks me why do I blog about books.  I can answer that rather simply – I’m a self proclaimed bookworm and bibliophile.  I’ve loved reading all kinds of books since I was very young, and having the chance to share not only what I’m reading, but what I think, interpret, and like/dislike about the things I read is a rewarding thing.  I love the opportunity to introduce others to new books coming out and add to their shelves.  If someone finds a new favorite book or gains an interest in a story on behalf of the reflections I’ve made about it, then, I think of that as an awesome thing, and I’m happy to be able to have the chance to continue writing about books on “Writing Through Rose Tinted Glasses.”

For Day 10’s entry, the prompt asks me how I choose what to read next.  Gah, that’s a tough question because it depends on a number of factors at a given time.

  1. The very first books that I’ll pick up are ones that have a deadline attached to them.  Usually an ARC that expires in digital form or books that I check out from the library that can’t be renewed.
  2. If the first point applies, then out of that stack, I read the back synopsis and read the first page of a book.  If it holds my attention, I keep reading until I finish it.  If it doesn’t, I’ll put it to the side and move through my stack until something clicks and I’ll read on.   Usually I’ll move through the stack until I get all of my deadline reads finished, depending on when they expire and/or publishing date.
  3. Usually it’s a matter of organizing my reads into smaller stack portions and then weeding through what genres appeal to me most at a given time, whether on a deadline or among those I’ve bought for myself, but need to get to.  Usually I’ll know whether I’m in a contemporary romance mood or an urban fantasy kick and I just run with it.  I sometimes marathon read several non-fiction titles if they’re pertaining to a similar subject.

I think that’s all for this respective entry.  Until next post!



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