Few Updates for the Day – 8/20/2013

Hey guys, Rose here with a few brief announcements.

I’m going to be doing maintenance on the blog and content throughout the next three days, so if you see things moving around or new links, know that it’s me that’s doing that between.  You should be able to navigate the site with no problems, but I figure I’m totally due for an update with things on the blog.  I’m not sure if I’m going to change the layout of the blog (I quite like it as it is), but I’m updating things like being able to see a master list of all the books I’ve reviewed on the blog by category among other things.  That may make it easier for some of you to know what I’ve reviewed without scrolling through tags.

Also, my ARC request hiatus via the blog has been lifted as of today, so you’re welcome to use the form if you’re an author or publisher who wants to ask me to review a work via the blog, you’ll have to go to my Review Policy/Request Page to see that.   I’m still not quite caught up the way I want to be on my ARC queue, but I think with the time I have now, I should be able to get through a number of galleys fairly quickly.

I’m a bit behind on my theme day blogging pursuits, but I think I should be able to start that back sometime next week because I’ll be scheduling those ahead of time. (And I still have to finish the 15-Day Blogger Challenge that was by Good Books, Good Wine.  I haven’t forgotten about it, but I’ve just been that occupied and am currently playing catch up beyond my regular review schedule.)

I think that’s all for now.  Until next update and entry!



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