Day 14 asks me to name a book that was turned to a movie and then subsequently ruined.  Hmm…this has me knocking my brain a bit.  I’ll choose four, and they’re among books I really like, but the movies were disappointing or just plain awful.

The Golden Compass – I’m actually of the opinion that it was an okay movie, but didn’t live up to the expecations I had of it.  I had mentally cast Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Coulter in my head so at least that worked out, but I didn’t think the sequencing and depth of the novel came through the movie all that much.

The Lightning Thief – Dude, I was so disappointed in the movie adaptation for this – they changed so much of the storyline and the featured characters – I never really understood why they didn’t just do a straight adaptation.  The novel did well enough with events and stakes.  I’ve heard they’re making a sequel to the movie, but I don’t know if I’m going to see it after the first movie disappointed me so much.

A Wrinkle In Time – I’ll admit I was very disappointed with the TV adaptation of this novel.  It was low budget and – to be honest – really boring from what I remember.  I saw it many years ago, and I remembered I was excited to see it, but it barely held my attention compared to the book.

The Dark Is Rising – I choose to pretend the movie for this book doesn’t exist. >___> I saw it a while ago, didn’t compare to the experience of the book to me, but then again I barely remember it other than the measure that the movie was bad.

Definitely need to think a bit on the next prompt, but until next entry!