30 Day Book Challenge Day 14: Good Book, Underwhelming Movie

Day 14 asks me to name a book that was turned to a movie and then subsequently ruined.  Hmm…this has me knocking my brain a bit.  I’ll choose four, and they’re among books I really like, but the movies were disappointing or just plain awful.

The Golden Compass – I’m actually of the opinion that it was an okay movie, but didn’t live up to the expecations I had of it.  I had mentally cast Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Coulter in my head so at least that worked out, but I didn’t think the sequencing and depth of the novel came through the movie all that much.

The Lightning Thief – Dude, I was so disappointed in the movie adaptation for this – they changed so much of the storyline and the featured characters – I never really understood why they didn’t just do a straight adaptation.  The novel did well enough with events and stakes.  I’ve heard they’re making a sequel to the movie, but I don’t know if I’m going to see it after the first movie disappointed me so much.

A Wrinkle In Time – I’ll admit I was very disappointed with the TV adaptation of this novel.  It was low budget and – to be honest – really boring from what I remember.  I saw it many years ago, and I remembered I was excited to see it, but it barely held my attention compared to the book.

The Dark Is Rising – I choose to pretend the movie for this book doesn’t exist. >___> I saw it a while ago, didn’t compare to the experience of the book to me, but then again I barely remember it other than the measure that the movie was bad.

Definitely need to think a bit on the next prompt, but until next entry!




  1. You are so spot on with “The Lightning Thief” the film was so disappointing after reading the book. You probably don’t like war stories or films but “The Eagle Has Landed” can be added to the list.


    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who feels that way about “The Lightning Thief.” I’ve heard they’re going to remake it because the reception for it was poor, but I’m not even sure when that will be. Or even if the quality will be there, but I’m hoping that it turns out more loyal to the original novel, because I liked the novel quite a bit.

      And I actually do like war movies and novels. =) It’s not as readily my go-to genre as some of the other genres I pick up, but I have an appreciation for it. “All Quiet on the Western Front” is an old favorite on the novel spectrum. “Platoon” would probably be my top movie pick personally. One of these days I might do a series of top book picks for different themes. War novels would be a good one to feature, but I’m not sure when I’d do it.

      I kinda read/watch a lot of different media, so my tastes are all over the place.


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