30 Day Book Challenge Day 22 – Books that Made Me Cry

Day 22 of this respective challenge and it’s asking me to list books that made me cry.

Wait…didn’t we already…oh.  Never mind, there’s a difference between books that made you sad versus those that made you cry.  Huh.  I can think of plenty of books that made me sad, but bawl my eyes out…not a lot of them.

Some of these are repeats and some of these are new.

I do not know how I left out “Old Yeller” on the last list, but – yeah.  I don’t deal well with animal deaths.  I didn’t deal well with the animal death from a certain other series by Patrick Ness, but nope, not going there.


“A Monster Calls,”  “Teeth,”  “Noughts and Crosses,” “Bless Me Ultima,” and “The Piper’s Son” were all on my Books that Made Me Sad list early on, so I’m not going to retrace my reasons here, but they were all books that hit me in a place I wasn’t expecting to be hit emotionally, especially the first time that I read them (and a few of these I’ve read more than once.)

I think my bias is that I’m thinking of books that were more recent reads for me – “Old Yeller” is probably the oldest one.  But there were other books that made me cry when I was younger, I’m just not able to beat my brain to come up with them in the wee hours of the morning.  If they come to mind, I’ll just add to this list and bump this up sometime later in the day if they come to me.

Edit: Thought of one more: Charlotte’s Web.  Charlotte’s Web!  Dude…that book.

I think this is probably the earliest book I remember crying after reading it.  Probably even before “Old Yeller.”

Until next entry,



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