15-Week Book Playlist Challenge Day 2 – Irish Punk (Seven Deadly Sins)

So basically, this is a book challenge that devised myself as a dual 30-Day/15-Week Challenge that blends book selections with a musical theme.  I’m choosing to do the 15-Week version of this particular challenge, with 2 theme days a week.

You can find the original drafted prompts (apart from the graphic above) here: http://rosepetals1984.booklikes.com/post/670300/a-30-day-book-playlist-challenge-

So for the second day of this challenge has me thinking of books I’ve read that fall under the seven deadly sins.  Thinking about what I wanted to do for today’s challenge, I figured I could either choose books for one of the Sins or one for each of the seven.  I’m going to go for the latter to make it fun and a bit diverse.

I based this off the Flogging Molly song of the same name, so it’s only appropriate. =P

Greed: “The Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.  Ebeneezer Scrooge is the original scrupulous brute who treats everyone terribly in his life, until he’s visited by three spirits (as warned by Marley) and learns the error of his ways.  Goodness knows how many film versions I’ve seen of this story, but I also love the original work as well and re-read it from time to time (I should’ve mentioned that this was one of the books I’ve re-read many, many times.)

Gluttony:  “Bet Me” by Jennifer Crusie, probably because the heroine loves food so much.  This was the first one that came to mind for this Deadly Sin, probably because of this respective passage (among others):

Emilio appeared with wine before Cal could say anything, and Min beamed at him, grateful for the rescue. “Emilio, my darling. I forgot to mention cake boxes. Two hundred cake boxes.”

“Already on it,” Emilio said. “Nonna said you’d need them. She said to get four-inch-square boxes for three-inch-square cakes.”

“I’m getting the boxes,” Min said, nodding. “Sure. Great. Fine. Your grandmother is an angel and you are my hero. And of course, a genius with food.”

“And you are my favorite customer.” Emilio kissed her cheek and disappeared back into the kitchen.

“I love him,” she told Cal.

“I noticed,” Cal said. “Been seeing him behind my back, have you?”

“Yes,” Min said. “We’ve been having conversations about cake.”

“Whoa,” Cal said. “For you, that’s talking dirty.” 


Envy: I had a hard time thinking of a book for this off the top of my head.  I spent a few minutes thinking “What book have I read that featured an active envious streak, even moreso, that which I actually liked?”  But then I remembered…I don’t really like books where jealousy is a major factor, unless it something of a power play in political motivations or something.

But then I remembered one of my favorite books and thought “Ohhhhhh.”  And then I thought about the book I’m currently reading, thought about the series, and proceded to slap my forehead for being so forgetful.

So “Rebecca” has a measurable amount of envy, at least in terms of the main nameless character (or Mrs. De Winter) fighting for her own identity against the shadow of Rebecca’s memory.   And in terms of a contemporary novel (romance/erotic) – the most recent envy themed novel that I’ve read was Lisa Renee Jones “Inside Out” series, with the heroes vying in power play stances over the heroine.  I chose “Being Me” because I liked that the novel brought a conclusion to the mystery in measures.

Lust:  Lauren Dane’s “Tart”, from her Delicious series.  Because the cover’s adorable and the relationship between the heroes and heroine was really convincing and well developed among the characterizations.  (Plus I actually liked the characterization of side characters as well.)


Pride:  Do I really have to explain this one?  All I have to do is mention Light Yagami, and many of you who know about the “Death Note” series will say “Yep, enough said, we understand, Rose.”  Light was a character drunk on power and his infallibility…at least until it compromised him – several times.  I wasn’t always impressed with the routes taken in this series, but I enjoyed it nonetheless (especially in the beginning to middle).

But in that, I might as well mention Code Geass too, for following up with a manga series about another young guy (Lelouch) who got too drunk on power for his own good.

Sloth:  This is interesting, because I seriously tried to think of lazy, likable characters from literature that I’ve personally read and I had a hard time thinking of some, so I defaulted to manga characters and then I thought…Shikamaru.  Naruto had his lazy streaks, but Shikamaru was just like “I don’t care” a lot of the time when I remember reading the series.  Of course, he never failed to make me laugh because of said laziness and I genuinely liked his character, from what I remember.


Wrath:  Lesson learned from “The Count of Monte Cristo?”  Never cross Edmond Dantes.  The results can be deadly.   I’ll also give a credit to Karina Halle’s “On Every Street” as well, since the heroine (Ellie Watt) is bent on a mission of revenge against the man who damaged her, though she ends up in the arms of a dude who is very…passionate to say the least (in a lust and vengeful way – hey that makes two deadly sins in one!)

I had fun with the prompts this week.  I’ll see you guys next week for the next two prompts. =)



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