Hey guys, Rose here.

This is a note to let you guys know that I’m attempting to update parts of the blog today (mostly because I’m uber behind with trying to make this more functional to move around).  I’m probably going to be updating the blog through this Friday, 12/6/2013.   I may make some routine review or theme posts between that time, so it shouldn’t keep the blog from functioning as normal, but I’m going to play around with a few arrangements.

Also, I’m announcing that I’m closing ARC requests through the blog for probably two month’s time, so I can get caught up with some of the requests that I have on queue.  If you’ve already submitted an ARC request via the blog before this point, you should be fine, I’m just trying to navigate through the list at present, hah.  I’ll consider any requests made up until Sunday (12/8), just to have some buffer space.

I’ll still be accepting/making requests through NetGalley on a case-by-case basis, but I’ll probably be limited with that at least until I get caught up with posting reviews there as well.

That’s all for updates.  For anything else significant in the measure of things, I’ll let you guys know.