Review: K-Pop: Korea’s Musical Explosion

Initial reaction: Oooh, this was so cool! Very short read with an overview of the history of Korean pop music and influential artists within the culture. I appreciated that this narrative touched on a number of acts I knew. This is oriented towards a general audience, even younger readers for reference, and while a short read, still very informative.

Full review:

This took me about 30 minutes to read overall, so it was a short read in comparison to the history of Korean pop music it covers. I enjoyed this for what it offered. It highlights some of the major influences on Korean music – highlighting musicians such as S.E.S., BoA, Super Junior, Rain, Psy, 2NE1, among other K-pop artists, not just those in contemporary notations, but also those that were influential in the country’s history – sometimes controversial, many times transformative for the overarching style and music media attention in South Korea.

With full color photos, brief playlists, and a full glossary, this is definitely a nice primer for those who may not know much about K-pop and its respective influences, though it’s meant more to be a brief source than comprehensive. I think those in its intended audience (middle grade/YA) will find this a quick read to peruse and helpful for what it offers.

Overall score: 4/5 stars

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher.


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