Trying this again, a few updates

Apologies all for the lag in updates.  I’m currently participating in Camp NaNoWriMo and have been busy with some other work, so I haven’t had as much time to read/post reviews/update the blog in some time, but I’ve had the chance to catch up with my backlog, so I’ll be posting reviews again soon, along with some other content.  I’m still doing ongoing maintenance with the blog for tagging and restructuring posts, so bear with me as that’s getting situated.

ARC requests are still closed for the time being, and likely will be through August and September as I catch up with my backlog.  I may grant exceptions in special cases, but right now, I’m really trying to honor those that are already in my queue, so if you’ve already sent a request (even if it has been a while ago), I’m still considering those that have been sent to me.

That’s all for the moment.  Happy reading/writing all and best of fortune to you in the forthcoming week.




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