Extending my time in #BloggerBlackout and a note of thanks

Hey guys, Rose here. I mentioned this on Twitter, but I’m giving this a formal signal boost on my blog as well, but I’m extending my time in #BloggerBlackout until the first of November (11/1/2014).  I figure I might as well go into the end of the month to have a bit more time for reflection as well as show my support for the cause and people who need a bit of a helping hand/support.  Fighto, fighto. 🙂

To say I’m amazed by the support I’ve seen in the tags for #HaleNo, #BloggerYes, and #BloggerBlackout among a few other tags on Twitter is simply amazing.  Thank you guys, regardless of your role, for taking this on, and for your support even if you’re not taking part in the blackout. For me, just looking at the scheme of events, it’s been a long week, and my sentiments go out to all affected, including those who have chosen to leave the blogging community (and this hits home because some of them were people I followed for a while – I understand it, but it’s still difficult and a loss to the community to see this happening because of someone who doesn’t know the meaning of personal boundaries).

I’ve been using the blackout time not only penning the posts you’ve seen on here, but actually taking the time to do some reading as well, things I’m loving as well as some other reads I’ve wanted to catch up with for a while.  I’ll be trading between doing these activities for the remainder of the month, but I’m sure you guys will see me spotting Twitter as well. (Oddly, I’m only now just adding the Twitter app to my mobile phone – and I’m wondering why I haven’t been using that to tweet stuff before now.  Huh.)

Take care, and all the best to you guys.


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