The Blogger Blackout: What It Is & What It Isn’t

I think this sums up my sentiments of what I consider the #BloggerBlackout to be, and I fully support it, as well as am participating in it at present.

Tez Says

Hopefully you read my earlier post about I Support the Blogger Blackout, which explains why it’s taking place. But there’s some confusion about it, so here’s an explanation:

The Blogger Blackout is NOT designed to:
-Punish/harm/hurt all authors
-Be permanent (though it may be for some)

The Blogger Blackout IS designed to:
-Support bloggers’ rights
-Help bloggers rekindle enthusiasm for reading, books, authors, reviewing, and blogging
-Be only temporary (anywhere between a few days and a week)
-Use the time to instead blog about issues pertinent to readers and bloggers, and to share blogging memories and favourite old books

Most, if not all, of us aren’t paid to blog or review, so we do this in our own time for free. Even we need some time off to rest and restore, and choose to do so now.

The very fact that SOME authors are taking the blackout personally goes…

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