P2P: What It Is, and How It Damages Both Authors & Readers

Well worth reading this well-thought out post, and good food for thought on the criticism of P2P fiction.

Tez Says

NOTE: In this article, “monetised fan fiction” does NOT refer to OFFICIALLY-LICENSED fan works. (eg. Star Trek has a spread of officially-licensed stories, as do Kindle Worlds – these are all fine.) In this article, “monetised fan fiction” refers to UNOFFICIAL monetised fan works.

(Meme from my Pinterest.)

I’m quite simple with my reading tastes: I just want to read original fiction that wasn’t fan fiction in a previous incarnation. If something used to be fan fiction – however heavily revised, expanded, and changed since then – it should be clearly labelled as such, so consumers aren’t led astray.

But it’s not just the reading public being cheated: Authors of the fiction that inspired the fan fiction are being robbed of a cut of the profits that should rightfully be theirs.

Welcome to the world of “pulled-to-publish” (P2P) fiction.

Fanlore.org says, Filing off the serial numbers refers to…

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