Hi all, just a quick note saying that the site will be undergoing maintenance over the next couple of days.  You’ll be seeing things added, moved around, changed, but it shouldn’t affect the access to the site overall, nor the updates that I’ll be making for posts in the next few days.

You might’ve noticed that I changed the blog’s theme (the other one was a bit much for me to keep up with, plus I’ve wanted something that was a little easier to navigate for a long time.

My activity’s been sparse the past several months, but for me – it’s been a matter of playing catch up and juggling a multitude of responsibilities.  I’m happy to say that I’ve found a system that works for me, I’ll be putting into place over the next couple of months, and I might have a few surprises in store.  Stay tuned, and I hope all of you have a pleasant weekend.  To those who celebrate it also, have a happy Labor Day holiday.