Still working on ironing out the site in general, Updates

Hi all,

So I spent the last few days tweaking links and realizing that I had more to overhaul on the site than I thought.  For what I was able to do, I did finally get a masterlist of some of the reviews on site, and you can find those under the hover menu of “Reviews”  for Adult, New Adult, Children’s/Middle Grade, Non-Fiction, Poetry and Mature.  Those I’m still adding links to as of the time I’m making this post.

A master list of Young Adult titles reviewed on the site is coming, but that list is a beast (I’m pretty sure that makes up the largest amount of titles I”ve reviewed on site – something like 200+ since the time I’ve been book blogging.)

Between this, I’ve been taking the time to catch up with reading and tackling my massive list of galleys from NetGalley, Edelweiss, and individual blog requests as well as physical ARC copies. (Whew!) It will be a while before I get caught up, so I’ll be making updates as they get sorted out.

I’m working my way back into doing theme days for the blog again, but I know for a fact I’m bringing back Fit Friday (which focuses on reviews of health/wellness/fitness books) and Sunday Night Playlist (in which I’ll choose a random music album I’m listening to and review it, sometimes these will feature music reviews which I’ve written in previous measures). I’ll also be doing the Top Ten Tuesday meme that I’ve followed on some of my blogger friends’s sites. (It seems like so much fun, and I feel like I’ve put it off long enough – might as well jump in and have that as a regular Tuesday thing).

That’s all for now. Until next entry! 🙂



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