Fit Friday – Review: Quick & Easy Stress Busters: 5-Minute Routines for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere by Anna Selby

Initial reaction: I really loved this book for more reasons than one. It’s quick to pick up, easy to read, and shows beautiful pictures of different stretches and poses to de-stress by. I use quite a few of these techniques myself.

Full review:

Three years after initially reading this book, and I still use it (as of 2016) as a go-to guide for simple stretches and stress relief poses. I first picked up Anna Selby’s respective guide as a library reference and was pleased to see how it breaks down different movements that are helpful during certain times of the day, in different environments (specifically different rooms of the home) and targeting certain spots of tension in the body. It provides a great introduction to different techniques (yoga, pilates, AT, meditation, massage, etc.) that can be used to build strength and release tension, though primarily as a stepping stone for people to explore and see what’s right for them.

The poses were easily to understand and in full color photographs that the reader can follow along with and try at their leisure. I tend to do the headache reliever since I get headaches during extreme weather changes and other instances, and I found it really helps me. The shoulder easer’s another I do since my work tends to have me at a computer for long hours during the day. It gives you illustrations as well as step-by-step walks through each pose and stress busting technique.

Overall, it’s a resource I would recommend for anyone looking for stress-relief exercises and techniques, and certainly worth incorporating in addition to other dialogues/references on the subject.

Overall score: 4.5/5 stars.

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