Happy July 4th – Holiday Greetings, Current Projects and Some Updates on Changes to the Blog

Hi all, Rose here.

First things first, to all who are celebrating it – Happy Independence Day, and I hope you’re having a restful one.  I’m currently taking some much needed downtime to catch up on reading, on writing (I’m participating in Camp NaNo for the month of July, but I’ve found myself sticking to a specific amount of writing time I’ve been carving out), and in general taking a look at some of my mid-year goals and trying to see what I can do more to get close to accomplishing them.  I wish I could say that I’ve been able to get all of them completed, but alas – time has gotten away from me.  I’m hoping as the summer season and fall approach that I can find myself more disciplined in updating and maintaining on a consistent schedule.

It’s been a while since I’ve made any major updates or announcements. I’ve found that a number of things need to be updated on this blog as far as content goes.  Mostly in the vein of:

  • Updating review formats so that they’re all consistent (the format of reviews I penned back in 2010-2012 are not the same as those that I write now. Mostly back when I was writing reviews earlier, I used Goodreads’ import format, but I’ve since moved away from it and have stuck to posting on the blog first, then crossposting to the book communities I’m a part of.)
  • Updating tags (My earlier posts didn’t have as many tags by either author or genre as the ones that do now)
  • Having greater site accessibility (meaning you can navigate this site and easily find my reviews by author, genre and title; video tutorials; music reviews among other site offerings, including my random posts such as the 50 Questions I featured a couple of days ago.

So as I’m starting to get back to updating content like video tutorials and theme days on the blog, I’m going to address getting this site up to speed.  And I’m disciplining myself to making a post a day or every other day for the remainder of the year (One of my year goals in 2016 was exactly that.)

As far as my reading progress goes, I’ve read about 80 books this year so far, most of them have not had reviews posted on the blog, but I’m working on getting those up as soon as I can.   I also have a review request queue that I’m working on parring down, so I’ll try to address those requests in the forthcoming weeks.

It’s hard to believe that “Writing” is approaching its 10th year in existence.  I started this blog in its native form back in 2007 as a bit of a passion/hobby project, and it’s evolved quite a bit since then.  I really appreciate every single person who has been a part of that journey, and to those of you who are just now following – I bid you a humble welcome.

I’ll address specific updates made to the blog in the coming days. If you have any questions, concerns or general comments, please feel free to either post or message me through the blog.


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