Reading books has health benefits? Why yes – indeed it does.

Article from Real Simple:

I know this might be well known in health communities, but it warms my heart to read articles like this and spread the word that my and others love for (and eager partaking of) books has health benefits, and that can be seen via various research studies.

I am curious to see what future studies can reveal are for reading ebooks and audiobooks, because there are so many people who read these mediums on the go.  I profess that I’m someone who regularly exercises and works to audiobooks, and when I commute on public transportations – this is a medium I use as well as physical books and ebooks.

I might try sharing more articles like this in random spurts on the blog and providing discussion spaces for people to share their thoughts.  But it was definitely something that caught my attention, being a self-professed bookworm (no shame).  😉





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