Review: Crash (Visions #1) by Lisa McMann

Quick review for a quick read. There were definitely moments in this book where I had second hand embarrassment for the wrong reasons, but ultimately I did like parts of Lisa McMann’s “Crash”, the first in her “Visions” series. The story revolves around a young woman named Jules who’s family runs a pizza shop. Yet she starts having visions of a car crash that kills several people, including her childhood crush and former friend Sawyer. The conflict trades between Jules’ s guilt/working to offset the tragedy and reconcile with Sawyer given his family’s falling out with hers (for several reasons).

I seriously side-eyed this book’s portrayal of mental illness and found myself thrown out of the story at times because of this. Half the time it was very flippant as per the voice of the heroine and trying too hard to be humored, while the times it did find its tone more serious, it didn’t really end up matching with the events that transpired. The narrative also felt a bit long at times because the central conflict kept being put aside where it could’ve benefited from better pacing.

Also, it’s clear to say that Jules was a legit stalker towards Sawyer. I honestly found myself cringing many a time with her efforts to try to keep Sawyer “safe” because of her visions. Like, I wanted to say “Dude, leave the poor boy alone.” Sawyer was very forgiving of certain things that Jules did, and I had a hard time really swallowing those events through the narrative (because it was the source of my cringing and secondhand embarrassment to say the least. I really don’t like stalker love interests in YA, male or female.)

Still, I did honestly like the overarching story and characters here. There were wonderfully harrowing moments of tension when they hit the ground running and while I somewhat predicted the twist at the very end, it makes me want to read more into the series. I also liked the audio narration on the whole. Interesting read with great ideas, but notable flaws that kept it from being more in my experience.

Overall score : 3 / 5 stars.


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