Review: Encouraging Thoughts for Women: Comfort by Shanna D. Gregor

Quick review for a quick read. I’d probably give this around 3 stars. I appreciated reading it, but admittedly it wasn’t quite what I was looking for in the context of narrative resources I was searching for. I regularly seek books with inspirational quotations because I love reading those kinds of quick bit narratives and they make for quotations that I refer back to frequently the context of inspiring my writing, mood, among other things. Some of these quotation books can be non-denominational (just general good mood quotations) or those that may come from narratives of different faiths or ideologies – and I read them with the appreciation of what they bring to the table.

This book had me from the beginning noting the theme of the title and nice illustrated imagery that’s contained on the printed pages. It’s Christian based, and the context of this is that it contains quick bit inspirational stories, quotes from the Bible, quotes from various figures in historical context that are inspirational, prayers that one could recite based on the particular theme, and ending thoughts/takeaways based on that theme.

The organization of this format is consistent, and I found some quotations inspiring, but I’ll admit that I found the narrative as a whole difficult to really have more grounded takeaway from it. It might be because there’s little central voice or lead in to tie together the themes, quotations, prayers, etc here. Even in narratives where there are almost exclusively quotes from a number of different sources centering around a theme, daily meditation, or concept, I didn’t feel a sense of immersion with this narrative. In comparison to other resources, even from other books of this particular faith, it didn’t really give me the connection to the narrative and thematic that the title would convey. It may be useful to those who know the context of these citations (and even the snippets of prayers and stories may be useful depending on the idea conveyed: the chapters are broken down to ideas like patience, gratitude, wisdom, dreams, forgiveness, etc.), but unfortunately didn’t quite give me the inspiration and return to the narrative that I’d hoped for.

Overall score: 3/5 stars.

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher.


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