Review: The Pocket Book of Mindfulness

I’m doing the review for this book knowing that it has the same name and publisher as the copy that I own, but the cover features a different cover (orange sunset with flying bird and full, non-crooked tree) and tagline (“Live in the moment and feel liberated”). I’m pretty sure this is the same book, though.

“The Pocket Book of Mindfulness” is a collection of quotations organized in six sections. It’s main goal is to be an inspiring set of anecdotes and reflections on the mindfulness practice. The six chapters in order are:

1. What is MIndfulness?
2. Becoming Who You Are
3. Everyday Mindfulness
4. Mindful relationships
5. Adversity & Acceptance
6. The Joy of Mindfulness

I’ve said before that I like these kind of quote collection books. I get drawn to them not just for the colorful print and visual reference (for a visual learner like myself, I get drawn to things that visually appeal to me and recall them better for information), but also for the ability to quickly peruse it and gain inspiration for the bit pieces it provides. The illustrations and font in this book are beautifully crafted alongside each of the quotations from various figures If that’s your cuppa, then you may very well find this book inspiring in and of itself. Yet, if taking this as a beginning resource to mindfulness, the presentation may be lacking in giving a grounded, comprehensive introduction. To its credit, there are spaces in the narrative where it provides you lessons to practice with mindfulness exercises and takes quotes from leaders like Thich Nhat Hanh and Deepak Chopra, but it also blends inspirational quotations from various figures in different fields (i.e. writing) like Ray Bradbury, Henry David Thoreau and Carl Sagan. So in that measure, I think it’s not a direct resource for mindful meditative history or practice, but more of a general inspirational resource with references to mindful practice, concepts and reflections on the practice of meditation (if that makes sense).

I liked it, though I wish it had a bit more direction and context despite the intention of it being just a quick compilation of quotations and illustrations.

Overall score: 3.5/5 stars.


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