Review: Addiction (Bayfront Billionaires #5) by Calista Fox

Quick review for a quick read. I can usually get behind short, steamy and provocative reads, and Calista Fox’s fifth installment in the “Bayfront Billionaires” sets itself up in that particular vein. One could read this as a standalone novella or as a part of the series in its entirety because it features a recurring cast. I decided to pick this up because while I wasn’t familiar with the rest of the series, I could simply jump into a quick steamy read and have something memorable from the experience.

I think my main issue with this title was that the conflict/sexual tension really wasn’t strong enough to pull me into the story. Granted, the relationship between Liv, Nate, and Tristan was established and it was clear that they had an attraction for each other with complications to boot, but I didn’t fully feel that connection. It felt too transcribed for the setup and presentation of the narrative. Sure, I understand that the sight of these men were enough to have Liv hot and bothered for history, and I understood that Nate and Tristan had a fondness for her based on their previous and current experiences, but even having that as loosely drawn backstory wasn’t enough for me to fully ship them. The sensual scenes were depicted between past and present mentions, with attention to the physical details and surface details of the emotions conveyed, but lacked true fire because they were told at a distance for action/reaction. There were some sparks of humor through the narrative, but mostly hit or miss for me depending on the turn.

I don’t regret reading it, but it just didn’t fully immerse me in the relationships it wanted to present. I’d give Calista Fox’s writing another try though just to see how her other books come across.

Overall score: 2/5 stars.

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher St. Martin’s Press.


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