Review: Raise Your Credit Score: 3 Smart Strategies to Use Now! by Laura D. Adams

“Raise Your Credit Score: 3 Smart Strategies to Use Now!” was a very quick read, but with notably useful information when it comes to dealing with credit. I want to argue that this was a bit *too* short, but at the same time, it still covers a number of things that I think are important and are easily digestible when taken on its own. For those who want something more thorough, I think her Money Girl’s Smart Moves to Grow Rich book goes into more detail and may be more useful.

Laura D. Adams, host of the Money Girl podcasts on Quick and Dirty Tips, discusses why credit matters and offers three distinct strategies to help raise your credit score. These strategies are as listed:

Strategy #1: Correct credit errors – talks about why errors matter, accessing credit reports, the different credit reporting agencies, what credit scores mean, etc.
Strategy #2: Adjust credit balances – talks about why it’s important to pay them down, the different types of credit debt
Strategy #3: Manage your credit – talks about credit utilization, what factors into it, and the importance of keeping the utilization low.

I thought each section had a thorough compilation of information given for the length of the narrative. It’s straightforward and concise, short enough to be something that you could find in a quick reference pamphlet, good to know for bullet point precision on each topic.

Overall score: 3/5 stars.


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