Review: How to Be A Financial Grownup by Bobbi Rebell

Quick review for a quick read. I actually liked most of the advice in this personal finance/productivity/self-help book, though it ranged widely in terms of the quality of the information given. Bobbi Rebell compiles a number of perspectives from successful personalities (entertainment, business, etc.) to reflect on their “financial grownup moment” – the moment when they started taking steps towards building towards their financial goals and freedom.

After each reflection, Rebell expounds upon a topic relating to a pertinent financial topic. Such topics range from credit cards, student loans, 401Ks/IRAs to giving to charities and having to make financial decisions in social situations. It seems like it was quite the personal, passion project for Rebell contacting the people she selected in this compilation (by email, phone, various mediums) and she notes this in the beginning of the book before delving into the various topics of the book. I honestly thought some of the inclusions were really powerful, but others just felt like the responses were dashed off and it was hard to glean what the true lesson was because it felt like it came from a privileged place rather than one of struggle and a true awakening for realizing the importance of one’s financial goals and progressions. This book also had financial conversation topics that had useful overviews, but others dragged on for far too long and felt oddly specific for what could be situations with multiple factors (such as buying drinks).

I don’t know if I would return to this book personally, because I think it really didn’t give me more than an overview, but if an overview from real-world success stories is something you’re looking for, it may be worth checking into this as a resource from the library. It was a well-narrated audiobook and it did touch on things that I found to be helpful. I just didn’t feel like it dug as deeply as I would’ve liked into certain topics, while spending a bit more time on others that really didn’t need the focus.

Overall rating: 2.5/5 stars.


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