Review: The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance by Michele Cagan and Elisabeth Lariviere


Quick review for a quick read. This is a decent, very easily readable guide to multiple dimensions of personal finance. The primary sections this book is divided between are:

1. Budgeting and Saving
2. Spending
3. Debt and Credit
4. Investing
5. Housing

I wouldn’t say that this is an in-depth guide to personal finance, but rather gives you a bullet point introduction/overview of important topics and tidbits/factoids to remember. The illustrations are top notch and the quality of the book alone – page quality and full color illustrations included – make this a book I’ll hold onto in my personal library for a long time. However, it serves as a general guide that’s better to supplement other personal finance guides rather than seek advice in one swoop. I liked how easy it was to pick up and turn to specific topics for reference (such as the credit overview used for FICO scores, things to keep in mind when protecting one’s financial information, etc.)

Overall score: 3/5 stars.


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