Addressing the Elephant in the Room…Not Counting the Fact I Love Elephants

A brief post from me to all of you that I’m still here and kicking and realizing that I haven’t updated this blog in…4 months?

Wait…hold on.


4 months?!  *checks date*  Yeah…the last post I made before my recent read of Haemin Sunim’s book was back in April.  It’s not like I haven’t read any books since then and I’ve poked my head around Goodreads and my other social media platforms, but…dude.  I knew it was long, but not THAT long.

*sighs* I could probably write a book as to what’s been going on over the last several months that’s kept me from blogging regularly.  Some of it has been a matter of life obligations, schedules with respect to classes (I was taking a class in the Spring – which I aced with flying colors. Huzzah!) and – unfortunately – personal traumas that I can’t really go into due to wanting to maintain privacy and ongoing measures surrounding that.  Long and short of things is that I’m doing well, at least in much better footing than some of the upheavals that happened over the past few months.

(I could also blame reading E.L. James’s “The Mister” for putting me into a massive reviewing slump where I just couldn’t write a single word to reflect on anything I read for quite a while after. But *cough* THAT full review’s coming eventually. *cough*  I have…more than a few words about it, to say the least.)

I don’t expect to start blogging back every day or every other day quite yet, but I’m working on getting to that point (having a Bullet Journal for my blog stuff really helps). Once the ball gets rolling, there will be more content to come and links among each of my social media platforms.  I’m looking forward to talking more books, writing and other things in the days ahead.  Until next entry, happy reading all.



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