About Me

Page updated: 6/21/2013

About me:

I’m the type of person who is some parts left-brained and some parts right-brained.  I love reading, writing, learning new things, listening to music, exercising (yoga included), hanging out with friends and being with family, among other things.  I’m a health/fitness specialist, writer/poet, and multiple media blogger, in a nutshell.

About the site:

I originally created “Writing” under the name of “Media through Rose-Tinted Glasses” back in February 2007, as a miscellaneous media blog where I reviewed movies, music, tv-shows, anime/manga among other media I liked or happened to hear about.  It’s been through a lot of adaptations since that time, but now I put it all under the “Writing” heading.

The “Writing” in my blog name proves appropriate because I’m writing about what inspires me, and keeping on top of things that I love.  But at my core, I’m also a person that likes to examine things a bit more deeply than others.  Most of what you’ll find on this blog are my reactions to media in an encompassing way, at least on one part of it.  The other part examines my passions in writing collectively.

Some of you may already know about my video tutorial series on Youtube surrounding Liquid Story Binder XE.   Little bit about that – I started back in the latter part of 2008 with that series as a way to highlight one of my favorite programs, and because so many people said it had a bit of a learning curve to get into, but I wanted to show otherwise.  I plan on continuing this series of tutorials and developing them in greater context as I have the opportunity.  You can find a definitive list of these tutorials under the “Liquid Story Binder XE Tutorials” tab.

This blog offers quite a bit on the table, but my hope is that you learn a bit more about me, my work and pursuits, and also some food-for-thought in the measure of things.  Cheers, and thanks for reading.

Contact information:

Any inquiries about the blog, technical questions, feedback, etc. can be addressed in the form below, and I’ll usually get back to people within 24-48 hours.  You can also follow me on a number of different platforms, which will be linked to in the sidebar. 🙂

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