Liquid Story Binder XE Tutorials

As promised, I decided to do a reposting of some of the Liquid Story Binder XE tutorials I started making more than a year ago.  Some of these were in dire need of updating.  What I decided to do was create sectional posts that people could watch in a given scope, whether by a specific theme, or something of a Start guide.  The videos I’m posting in this are general introduction videos to creating a Binder in LSBXE and orienting around the features of the program.  Note, these are NOT comprehensive.  I’ll go into detail about the specific features of LSBXE in later tutorials.  Also, note that these are audio tutorials, and I tried to make sure that the quality of the audio tracks are in the best shape.  I think most of them are clear-cut.

If there are any particular features that are unclear, you’re welcome to post on my blog.  I should also make you aware that there is a wiki for Liquid Story Binder XE and a Yahoo Group dedicated to troubleshooting and questions.

Links to those are as follows:

Liquid Story Binder Wiki (thanks to Deleyna, Hitch, and everyone working there – all of you are awesome!)

Liquid Story Binder Yahoo Group

For those of you who do not know what Liquid Story Binder is, let me do a brief review.  It’s a program that allows you to write novels, books, poems, short stories, scripts for TV/Movie/Radio or other writing projects within it.  It has an extensive list of planning tools at your fingertips – including storyboards, sequences, outlines, checklists, journals, audio recording materials, resources where you can open external applications for inspiration, etc.  The main idea of this program is to give you a central place you can write/plan your writing projects within its own contained environment.

I started out making this series of tutorials on the web because honestly there were no other video tutorials on the web for the program, and I use the program extensively and learned how to navigate it by doing.  So in the years I’ve used it, it’s been very helpful for me planning my writing, even to the point of crafting my posts for this blog and its span of topics.   The program was created by Black Obelisk Software, and features continual updates.  The latest version, as of this posting, is 4.93.

Let me note something clearly – the software features a free-30 day (non-consecutive) trial in which you can play around with the full version for free.  Take advantage of it while you can, particularly if you have something like NaNoWriMo coming up. It’s a great time to test it out.  Information about buying the program can be found at the program’s website.  I highly recommend it – it’s worth the cost, and if you can catch it on sale, even better.

Post 1:  Getting Started – Creating a Binder and General Orientation

Post 2: Getting Started – Introduction to Planners and Associations

Post 3: Getting Started – Modes with Liquid Story Binder XE

Post 4: Getting Started – Getting Started in General Environment

Post 5: Getting Started – Writing and Planning within LSBXE (Part I)

Post 6: Getting Started – Writing and Planning within LSBXE (Part II)

Post 7: Getting Started – Writing and Planning within LSBXE (Part III)

Tools within Liquid Story Binder XE (some of these are in need of video revamping so this link list might change)

Video 1: Display Preferences Menu

Video 2: Alarms, Work Statistics, and Work Log

Video 3: Jump Words

Video 4: Character Generation

Video 5: Preferences Menu

Video 6: Contrasts (Basic)

You can also find these tutorials directly under my Youtube channel.

One comment

  1. Rosepetals – thanks so much for putting this set of videos together, it’s made LSB far less intimidating than I originally thought it would be. I already own Scrivener, but it just doesn’t suit the way I put books together, whereas LSB seems to be just how I work.
    I encourage anyone reading this to try the software via the red clickthrough bar ‘programs website’ up there in red. I’ve just got it for halfprice via Rosepetals link.
    Thanks again for all the help.
    Jeff P


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