Review Policy/Request

UPDATED 4-3-2015. ARC requests are now officially back open for the blog.  I’m currently going through a (very, very) long list of requests, so there may be some delay of correspondence.

Hey guys, Rose here.  This is going to be a page I update often, so if you want any details on the status of my acceptance of ARCs and such, bookmark this page for future reference, but if this page undergoes any major overhauls, I’ll make a brief post about it on the main page.  This also contains the form that I will require people who send me ARC requests to fill out, so look for that near the end of this post.

I figured it was time that I included a review policy on site so that you guys can get a better idea of what to expect from me when I review, and also just to give you an idea of what I’m looking for when I get requests on site.

What genres/age groups do you read?

This is a multi-genre, multi-age group book blog.  I usually tell people I’ll read anything that gets put on my plate, but to be specific with how I categorize books on the site,  I read books in the following designations in ANY genre:

Children’s/Middle grade – usually comics, novels and novellas. Non-Fiction,  Short Story and Poetry compilations are good too.

Young adult – I will usually read anything in this age group, of any genre.

New Adult – For now, I’m only taking a limited amount of NA romance titles (though you’re still welcome to request).  If you’re writing something like coming of age/college stories, action, sci-fi, fantasy, etc that would be classified as NA and romance is a part of it but not necessarily the main focus, you are more than welcome send them my way.  In fact, I’d probably love you forever.  I’m really looking for books in this group that go against the grain/mainstream presentation, but if your book appeals to me in the blurb you send, as with any age group, I’m willing to give it a good chance.

Adult – I will usually read anything in this age group, of any genre.

Poetry – Collections or individual books are more than welcome.

Non-Fiction – I will usually read anything in this group.   If you’re writing in Self-help/Self-Improvement, Fitness, Exercise Science, Wellness,  Mindfulness,  Medicine, and/or Alternative Medicine specifically, I’m willing to do a feature on my “Fit Friday” section with a review of your work or other promotional measures like interviews or ARC giveaways.

Mature – The mature section is reserved for adult fiction reads that are mature in nature, like erotic romance or adult mystery/thriller with gore factors which I will note content wise in the review.  I do not usually take requests for reviewing erotica on this blog unless it’s available through Edelweiss or NetGalley (by invite or request) or something that I buy/get from the library or a friend.  I may be willing to accept galleys from authors/publishers (preference to print ARCs) on an individual basis with respect to this particular group, just use the form below and check with me.

In what formats do you accept ARCs?

If you have a book on Edelweiss or NetGalley (my go-to method, usually), I’m more than happy to accept e-galleys and that is the easiest way for me to get reviews back to you.

If receiving ARC review requests outside of those, I will take e-galleys (EPUB and PDF are fine), but I usually prefer print/bound galley ARCs for individual requests.

I also accept audiobooks.  I love reviewing audio when I’m on the go and frequently I do cite both the work and the quality of the narration for those reviews.

Nota Bene: Please use the form below if you want to ask me to review ARCs for you as it goes directly to my email account. I would prefer it if people didn’t message me on other social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, etc.) with review requests, just because I like to keep my requests in one place and it helps me stay organized and get back to you better.

Where do you post your reviews?

In addition to here on the blog, I will be posting my reviews on Goodreads and BookLikes.  I will also link to them via Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and my Facebook Fan Page.  I do not review books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble at present.

What are your specific policies?

1. I reserve the right to accept or deny ARCs if selected to read them, on the basis of time commitments, content, or other rationales.  When you send me a copy of your work, whether print or electronic, I trust that you’ll recognize and respect this right prior to and after sending me the work.  There may be times when I can get back to you individually to say “I’ve reviewed this” or “I couldn’t review this”, but usually I get so many requests or have so many to juggle that I just don’t have the time.  95% of the time, I do review the works that are given to me to read, it just depends on my schedule and other factors.

2. I post honest reviews. I review everything that I read in full. Positive, critical, and/or the long measure between, I reserve the right to read, review, and post reflections about the work you submit to me. I also trust that you’ll recognize and respect this right as well if you’re asking me to review your work, follow a blog tour, etc.  I review books for many reasons – for fun, enlightenment, education, constructive critique, among other reasons. And even with respect to writing a less than favorable review, I respect that other people may not see your work or the work you represent in the same way. I do provide constructive feedback over why a work clicks or misses with me or if it may work with another audience.

3.  I rate on a 5-star scale, in half stars, though I usually round up.  You can find details of this on the upcoming ratings page.

Do you review self-published authors?

YES.  I am an avid supporter of indie and self-published authors, and I am willing to review their work on a case-by-case basis for the blog.  Usually if you go through NetGalley – that’s the best way for me to get and review your work.  If that’s not possible, then fill out the form below and I’ll evaluate it personally to see if your work appeals to me.

Review Request Form

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