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Review: The You I’ve Never Known by Ellen Hopkins

Quick review for a quick read. As per usual, Ellen Hopkins’ works tend to feel like I’ve ran a sheer emotional gauntlet. The experience leaves me winded in the aftermath (in a good way). How does someone describe the whirlwind that is this novel? It’s hard not to be drawn into it because you get so connected to the emotional journeys of the character within, how complex and complicated they are, and even hoping that – in the end – things turn out the best . I’ll admit I saw the twists in the relationship between these protagonists coming, but even with that the “Aha!” moment felt satisfying to watch as the stories came together.

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Review: Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil by Melina Marchetta

Quick review for a progressive read. It’s hard to describe my reactions to this novel, because, on one hand, this is quite apt to Melina Marchetta’s style of writing – strong characterizations, compelling family-centered stories, and emotional revelations on the topics she touches upon (particularly with respect to race, violence, prejudice, etc.) I enjoyed the journey this novel took me on for the most part, even as it handed down its revelations progressively rather than in one felt swoop like the magnitude of the crime(s) this book centers upon.

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Review: So Tough to Tame (Jackson #3) by Victoria Dahl

Quick review for a quick read. I read this in a matter of hours, but all I really got out of this story was a “meh” read, unfortunately. Walker and Charlie definitely had chemistry and some fun flirtations in the mix (though there were some sensual scenes that made me cringe because they were awkward), but on the whole, I wasn’t really taken into this story very much even with the quirky personalities and side-characters this narrative had to offer.

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Review: How I Lost You by Janet Gurtler

Quick review for a quick read. In all honesty, I get the value of Janet Gurtler’s “How I Lost You” and I’m not going to say that it isn’t a notable book, because I don’t doubt some will like it for not only the way the narrative flows but also the ultimate takeaway points and experiences it expounds upon. However, it’s a narrative I honestly wouldn’t read again and I had a hard time connecting to the story for reasons I’m going to discuss shortly.

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Review: Has to Be Love by Jolene Perry

Quick review for a quick read. My thoughts on “Has to Be Love” in retrospect are a streamline of “Nope, nope, noppity, nope, nope, nope” to just about everything in this book. I tried to have so much patience for the events and narration, but after a certain point, I couldn’t do it anymore. I don’t think it had a clear focus of what it wanted to be as a story, which is interesting because Clara’s very scatterbrained for narrative voice and that’s precisely how the story comes across – meandering and repetitive. I’m really surprised how a book with a premise that potentially has a great deal of emotional impact could come across so shallow and just…wrong. It went on far longer than it should have and by the time I was finished, made me glad it was over. I felt emotionally detached by the events and it had much to do with the way it was presented alongside the unraveling of events.

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