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Review: Think Happy: Instant Peptalks to Boost Positivity by Karen Salmansohn

Quick review for a very quick read. I found this book of affirmations at my local bookstore and picked it up on a whim. Mostly because it had bright colors, peppy illustrations and very memorable adages when I flipped through the work. I read this inside of an hour, but even with it being a brief read, the values and advice within Salmansohn’s narrative is well worth revisiting for many different scenarios (mood changes, life changes, loss, failure, trying something new, etc.) Some dialogues in this book hit more home with me than others and I give it credit for that. Salmansohn’s connections to the experiences is well noted, and I thought the narrative supported a strong connection between sticking to the topics of each section and providing personal feedback. I definitely will find myself returning to this narrative, if even on the measure that illustrations are a big part of that enjoyment/reasoning.

Overall score :3.5/5 stars.

Writer Wednesday: How Using a Bullet Journal is Helping Me Transition Back to Schedule

Hi all, Rose here.

*rubs hands together*  This post is going to be part reflections of personal and productive practice so I’m going to dive right in.  If anyone’s interested in seeing some of my bullet journal posts, you can check my Instagram here.  I also posted a list of some of the NetGalley reviews I need to get to on my Tumblr – the spread of which I was actually proud of visually even if I still have quite a bit of reviews to write. I certainly plan on tackling that list and others in the coming months, that and tackling my 6th (I think?) NaNoWriMo in November.

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Review: Jumpstart Your Creativity: 10 Jolts to Get Creative and Stay Creative

Jumpstart Your Creativity: 10 Jolts to Get Creative and Stay CreativeJumpstart Your Creativity: 10 Jolts to Get Creative and Stay Creative by Shawn Doyle
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A quick review for a very quick read. I’m always interested in learning new techniques to enhance creativity, because creativity can be used in all facets of life to improve one’s quality of living – but I was significantly underwhelmed by this book. I didn’t feel like I learned anything new as far as the techniques to enhance creativity were concern. The advice is sound, and some of the suggestions are ones I’ve already put into practice. The most helpful sections I found through the narrative were focused on barriers to creativity and how to acknowledge and address them, as well as some of the listed resources through the work. It’s more focused on workplace creativity, and that may be helpful for some who peruse the guide, but for others, it may not necessarily suit their needs all that much. I wish it could’ve been a little more comprehensive and thorough than what it offered.

Overall score: 2/5 stars.

Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher.

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Post-Thanksgiving and Finishing NaNoWriMo: Day 29 – Keeping the Well Filled

Hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something aside from my reviews on site, but I wanted to make a few updates as far as what my writing life has been like since the beginning of the month and what I’m pushing myself into come December.  This might end up being a two part post if it gets a bit long, but I’ll just continue my post tomorrow if that’s the case.

First things first, I hope those who celebrated Stateside had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I spent the time with family and even went out on a brief shopping excursion during Black Friday.  The stores were packed aisle-to-aisle, and looking for a pair of new suede boots seemed like a daunting task in and of itself, even when they were only a few feet away from me.  But no, I actually didn’t buy much on the way of clothing as much as I ended up with (several) new books to read.  I frequent Barnes and Noble about as much as I buy/read ebooks, so for me, it’s an interchangable pursuit.

As for my bedside reading material? Well, a picture’s worth a thousand words.  I could take a picture of what’s in my ebook log (it’s a sizable amount), but that wouldn’t speak as much as the books I have at present on my rather large nightstand.  But I cleaned up and decided it better to showcase a few.

Apologies for the picture quality, but these are two books I'm excited to read come December. My actual bookstack though is huge, and I don't know if that would show up as well on my Ipod Touch display.

I picked up an ARC (which is now available to buy) of The Healer’s Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson and I bought (belatedly)  Julie James’  “A Lot Like Love”, both of which I’m excited to read and will review come December.  I have a long list of books that I plan on reviewing for the month of December, some of them a part of Goodreads reading challenges I’m completing, some of them are ARCs of books that are coming out in the months ahead, and some are just because curiosity gets the best of me. I think since NaNoWriMo’s almost over, my freetime will be less harrowing of an experience than it was this month (which is why my posting schedule was a bit sporadic after the first several days.

Speaking for NaNo news: I’m done at 60,289 words.  Actually finished my 50,000 around midmonth (November 15, 2011, sometime at about 2:30 AM), but reached over 60K over the holiday (at some unholy hour which will remain unmentionable. *winks*).  I had a post on characterization that I wanted to post following my previous NaNo entry, but I didn’t get around to posting it because I was in the throes of writing and editing (along with work, life, etc. This month was far more involving than I thought it’d be.)  I will post that entry sometime next month because it deserves its own special topic.

I’m actually surprised I survived doing NaNo this year because I was smack in the middle of doing edits on another WIP I’m working on, and I read quite a few books within a wide range of topics.  I didn’t worry too much about reading and writing reviews this month because that’s the way I keep my creative well constantly filled. I think that’s one of the reasons why my mind doesn’t really stop filling with ideas how I work between my left and right brain.  I read, learn, and write a lot – the balance keeps me pushing forward.

To everyone who’s finished NaNo this month already, congrats!  It’s still the homestretch, so if you’re finishing up, that’s also great!  If you haven’t yet, there’s still time, keep going – do as much as you can!  A day makes a difference, and regardless of at what point you are as the month concludes, you should be proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish.  Writing a novel is hard work, no matter what people might tell you.  I’ve written six, my NaNo novel will make lucky number seven (though still incomplete). The more experience you have at writing, the better you will become.  The journey may have begun with WIP you’ve worked on in the past month, but it doesn’t end there.

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