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Review: As I Descended by Robin Talley

Quick review for a prolonged read (I had to recheck this book from the library several times because it kept getting holds placed on it, but I finally found a stretch to read it the whole way through). This is my second narrative experience from Robin Talley. “As I Descended” is touted as a retelling/reimaging of Macbeth, centered on two girls (Maria and Lily) at an elite school who enact upon a dastardly scheme to take a scholarship opportunity from a popular queen bee (Delilah), but their plan goes several steps too far and unleashes a downward spiral involving a haunted campus, vengeful spirits, revenge games, and overarching obsession with power. Added bonus: a diverse cast of characters including characters of color and prominent GLBT relationships at the forefront. By the summary/plot promise itself, I was definitely going to pick this up, even excited to have the opportunity to do so.

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Review: Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil by Melina Marchetta

Quick review for a progressive read. It’s hard to describe my reactions to this novel, because, on one hand, this is quite apt to Melina Marchetta’s style of writing – strong characterizations, compelling family-centered stories, and emotional revelations on the topics she touches upon (particularly with respect to race, violence, prejudice, etc.) I enjoyed the journey this novel took me on for the most part, even as it handed down its revelations progressively rather than in one felt swoop like the magnitude of the crime(s) this book centers upon.

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Review: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

Long review for a rather long read. I’m still struggling to figure what words are appropriate to describe the mediocrity and utter pointlessness of this book. My thoughts about it aren’t as concise as this review will turn out being, because I only have so many words to fit in my review space and I want to illustrate why this book ended up being such a horrible experience. It’s my worst read of 2017 thus far, though I considered giving it credit for at least the last quarter of the book holding my attention (Honestly though, slogging through 80% of this only to get to intriguing scenes of action/character stake investment? Not worth it, definitely not worth it) . I’m a fast reader, it wasn’t the length of this book that deterred me – my library copy clocked in just around 460 some pages – but this book was such a tedious, offensive mess.

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Review: Deceptive Innocence: Part 3 (Pure Sin #1.3) by Kyra Davis

Quick review for a quick read. I knew that was going to happen – I knew it, I knew it. 🙂 The last installment of the serial novel “Deceptive Innocence” was a satisfying read for the most part. I definitely appreciated the way the novella kept the tension going from beginning to end, and while this isn’t the end of the respective “Pure Sin” series, it concludes in a way that provides a good setup for the next novel.

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Review: Deceptive Innocence: Part 2 (Pure Sin #1.2) by Kyra Davis

Initial reaction: Yet another interesting installation in this series. Bell has more on her plate than a little bit in this second installment. I enjoyed seeing more of Bell moving the chess pieces around in terms of seeing how she could dig deeper into the flawed lives of the Gable family, but at the same time, she makes many missteps that cost her greatly. This installation also ends on a cliffhanger, but it’s well worth the tie-in to the previous installment and leads into the final part of this story nicely.

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