This page is a run down of the theme days I’m featuring on the blog alongside my usual book reviews.

Monday Magic:  Basically, these posts will feature new books, those that I’ve bought and/or received as ARCs, in a given week.  It’ll also feature upcoming reads and reviews for the given week.

Writer Wednesday:  These will include spotlights on authors, writing tips and tricks, tutorials or other materials within the respective categories.

Fit Friday: Some healthy tips covering anything in the mind, body, and spirit dynamic.  Also spotlights on reads in health/body/wellness.

Soapbox Saturday:  Pretty much a post on a topic of debate/food for thought that may be in a range of categories.

Sunday Night Playlist: These will showcase my music reviews, either of full albums or of a crafted playlist I’ve created for myself for a wide range of reasons.  Some of the reviews I may have reviewed on the blog before, but I’ve probably either edited them significantly, or have rewritten them.  I’ll note if they’ve been posted on the blog before.

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